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Mon - Fri : 8:00 -18:00

Job Detail

Frontend Developer


Dubai, UAE


Mid - Senior


20,000 - 25,000 AED


Full Time

Job Description

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We are representing an exciting Financial startup based in Dubai who are looking for Frontend/Backend Engineers to join their team .

Key Responsibilities:

Software Development: Conceive, design, and rigorously test software applications in alignment with business requirements. Employ a diverse range of programming languages and tools to craft robust, scalable, secure, and dependable software solutions.
Technology Infrastructure Management: Oversee the evolution and upkeep of our company's technology infrastructure, architecture, and software ecosystem. Ensure the infrastructure's scalability, security, and reliability.
Software Maintenance and Support: Provide ongoing maintenance and support for existing software applications, proactively troubleshooting issues and implementing bug fixes to enhance overall performance.
Code Review and Quality Assurance: Conduct comprehensive code reviews to ensure adherence to established coding standards and best practices. Offer constructive feedback to fellow developers to elevate the quality of our codebase.
Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Create and maintain thorough documentation for software applications, encompassing technical specifications, user manuals, and release notes. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing within the development team.
Collaboration and Effective Communication: Collaborate closely with fellow development team members and cross-functional teams including product, design, and QA. Demonstrate exceptional communication skills when interacting with team members, stakeholders, and customers.


Years of Experience: A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in software development.
Educational Background: Hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
Full Stack Development: 3+ years of hands-on experience in full stack development.
Node.js Proficiency: 2+ years of expertise in Node.js.
Microservices Architecture: Understanding of microservices architecture, particularly based on API and RabbitMQ communication.
Experience using tools like Docker and Kubernetes and proficiency in React.
Additional Skills: Experience with RESTful services, Swagger, Dapper ORM, Redis, XUnit, Datadog, and working with MongoDB as a NoSQL Database.
Database Knowledge: Familiarity with SQL databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Agile Development: Experience in an agile development environment.
C# .Net Proficiency: Proficiency in C# .Net.
Team Leadership: Ability to coach junior/mid-level team members, conduct code reviews, and set up DevOps flow with CI/CD.
Technical Documentation: Capable of writing SRS (Software Requirement Specification) and Technical Design documents.
Cloud and Monitoring: Experience in cloud deployment, high availability solutions, load balancing, and setting up monitoring tools, particularly in AWS.

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